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Please note: There are NO refunds on magical secrets.
Once you learn the secret, you cannot unlearn it, so you can't request a refund.




Magic Jacks

A new way to play Jacks! Amaze the girls in the playground when you make your Jacks appear, disappear, multiply and change colors! For close-up, parlor, tablehopping and walk-around. Includes Wilhelmina's newest creation "Yankee Hanky," a great way to vanish a Jack or any small object from under an examinable silk handkerchief.



Teddy Bear Houdini

A gang of helpers from the audience ties up your Teddy Bear with ropes, pipe cleaners (chenille sticks), zip ties, twist-ties, rubber bands, shoe-laces, and locks and chains. Then they help you tie him (or tape him) inside a wooden or cardboard box, just like Harry Houdini. And even though you give the box to someone to guard, just like Harry Houdini, when they open it, the ropes and chains are there but Teddy is gone! Teddy always gets out and is soon found swinging from someone's back, free as a bear!



Piggy Needs Money

My Piggy Bank is always hungry for money. Fortunately I can feed him with money that I pick right out of the air. Soon he is filled with jingling coins. There's only one problem. The coins are filled with chocolate and I like chocolate, too, and so do all my friends. Poor Piggy is empty once more.


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