Routines for the Hansen Egg Cup
By Professor Spellbinder

This is the first time I have written a series of routines specifically for a piece of apparatus produced by a craftsman like Eric Hansen. You CAN learn to work a wood lathe and you CAN learn to turn out your own Egg Cups and Ball Vases, but that would severely limit the number of magicians able to make use of these routines, so I am happy to have teamed up with Eric Hansen who already knows how to turn the vases. Eric Hansen is a Magic Nook Merchant and you can find his excellent wood products HERE!

I had been working on shell-less Ball Vase and Egg Cup routines for years, but was always put off by performing them with cheap plastic vases with all those little groves around them, or even their wooden counterparts. You see, I had no need for a shell, and thus didn't need the deceptive grooves. However, the one thing I did require was a decent top knob on the lid, so I could pick it up and manipulate it without fear of dropping it.

When I saw Eric Hansen's vases on The Magic Cafe Forum, they looked like they had been designed to my own personal specifications. I know now that Eric was designing the vases for his own use with Mike Gallo's clever routine for the Ball and Vase, but my main concern was getting the larger Egg Cup that I saw in the photo above. Would it work with my Egg Cup routines? Eric sent me an Egg Cup and a smaller Ball Vase and I was convinced.

The Hansen Egg Cup holds small to medium size genuine chicken eggs (which, unless you have jumbo hands, is the size most magicians prefer for manipulation work). It has no grooves, no shell, but has that all important top knob that can be firmly grasped. So Eric and I have formed a partnership. You can buy the Hansen Ball Vase or Egg Cup from him, and learn how to use them from me or from Mike Gallo. In my e-Book, I discuss some of Mike Gallo's subtleties that I like, but I do NOT explain his routine. For that you need to buy his DVD. Instead, I begin where Mike Gallo and others (Mike Skinner, Doug Gorman, James Riser) have left off. My routines do NOT require you to be sitting down (although you may choose to perform them sitting down if you wish) and they do NOT involve putting things in your pockets, a part of most routines that I personally find very suspicious.



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