The Wizard's Den

by Professor Spellbinder


The practicing wizard must not only look and act the part in demonstrations and performances, but also at home. I strongly urge you, if you haven't already done so, to find a special room in your house that can be your own Magic Nook, or better yet- Wizard's Den. This you can fill and decorate with trophies, awards, and other ego-enhancing items, but more importantly, you should decorate it and fill it with wizardry.

Each month, in The Wizard's Den, I will feature an idea for making your Wizard's Den truly a place of magic.

This month, I begin with the all-seeing skull.

I can hand a visitor a large slate or piece of cardboard and ask him or her to draw a symbol, or write a number that is meaningful to him or her, but not to let me see it. Of course, my all-seeing skull sees everything and what it sees, I see (unknown to my visitors). To keep my skull's secret, I usually concentrate on a crystal ball to make the revelation.

The Wizard's Den
Home decor articles for
the discerning Witch or Wizard

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