In The Bag

by Professor Spellbinder


The lecture is about psychometry. Psychometricians have the ability to "see" and locate people by touching some personal belonging. In this case, instead of revealing information that may be of a confidential nature, the Psychometrician is able, through the same power, to describe and locate the owner of the article he handles. A dozen or so small Halloween treat bags, party "loot" bags or small lunch bags is all that is required to demonstrate this mystery in Psychometry. Having left the platform to pass out about a dozen of the bags to members of the audience, the Psychometrician returns to the front.

Requesting that those with bags pay strict attention, the Psychometrician tells them to put into their bags some single article, a personal belonging that they happen to have with them. It can be a fountain pen, tie clasp, ribbon, coin, knife, pencil, handkerchief, ring, in fact anything of that nature that can be concealed inside the bag. The Psychometrician demonstrates with a spare bag how the top of the bag should be twisted shut. Stress that all articles will be returned to them.

During this time the Psychometrician may be turned around or even blindfolded so that he/she in no way sees what is placed into any bag.

Once the bags are ready, the Psychometrician has them collected by a member of the audience in a large basket or trick or treat bag and brought forward. This person mixes them and hands them one by one in random order to the Psychometrician. The Psychometrician opens each bag and dumps the contents into his hand. Turning whatever object it might be over and over, he/she describes a person, giving a description of that person's appearance, attire and approximate age. The Psychometrician then holds the article for all to see and asks the owner to acknowledge it. The person stands. He is exactly the one described by the Psychometrician!

Another bag is opened and the article once more seemingly gives a clue regarding the characteristics of the owner. This time, however, the Psychometrician walks into the audience and suddenly returns the article directly to its owner!

As each bag is handed him, the Psychometrician successfully describes the owner or locates the owner in the audience.

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