Talismania I

by Professor Spellbinder


The Diviner removes a small talisman (roughly the size of a quarter or half dollar) from his/her neck, releases it from the chain and gives it to an on-looker to hold. The Diviner asks the onlooker to hold the talisman high so the rest of the group can see it. If the talisman is in the onlooker's left hand, the Diviner tells him that he is holding a left-handed talisman and when it is held in someone's left hand, it sends out strong mental vibrations that the Diviner can detect. Ask the onlooker to hold the talisman in his other hand so you can "tune your senses" to the vibrations. When the "left-handed" talisman is held in the right hand, you explain, the talisman sends out softer vibrations or is completely still.

Now the Diviner turns his back on the onlooker and instructs him to place both hands behind his back, conceal the talisman in one hand and then bring both hands back to the front. The Diviner turns around and faces the onlooker, telling him to stretch his hands apart slowly and concentrate on which hand holds the talisman. While looking the spectator in the eyes and ignoring his hands altogether, the Diviner suddenly reaches out his hand, palm up, and asks him to give him the talisman from that hand. Somehow you have divined which hand held it, because you are holding out the correct hand to receive the talisman when it is dropped into your palm.

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