Sorcerer's Stone

by Professor Spellbinder


The Wizard asks an onlooker to hold out his or her hand. He then tests the onlooker's reflexes by having him catch the penny and make a fist. Too slow, says the Wizard. Then he brings out the Sorcerer's Stone and rubs it over the person's hand and asks him to try it again. Much faster this time. Once again he rubs the stone around the onlooker's hand, which, he explains, makes the person's reflexes faster, back to the reflexes of youth. One last time and the onlooker snaps up the coin very quickly. This time the Wizard has him turn his closed fist over, and balances the Sorcerer's Stone on the back of the person's hand. The Wizard leads a chant of "Transduco Aurum" by the whole audience, and when he removes the stone from the back of the person's hand and the person opens his fist, the copper penny is seen to have changed to a gold or silver coin.

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