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McD's JUMBO Aces
by Al-Quadir Marsh

Based on Jon W. "One-arm Mac" McDonald's $100 Ace Trick from the 1950's, here is my second variation for performing a JUMBO card solo version of the effect on stage with lots of magical appearances and disappearances of the cards, thanks to Jim Gerrish’s “Attractive Card” principles used. Jim helped me make the cards and I showed him what to do with them. The parts highlighted in RED are what's NEW!

EFFECT: The magician opens a box of jumbo size (5” x 7”) playing cards and removes the deck. The box vanishes. From the deck of cards, he removes the four aces and places them on a tilted music stand that holds a “Post-It” display board where they can be easily seen. The rest of the deck suddenly vanishes, leaving him with a single King of Hearts playing card. No matter, he picks up each of the three minor aces (hearts, clubs, diamonds) and suddenly each ace has two companion court cards, the king and queen of its matching suit.

Now comes the “McDonald’s Ace” part of the effect. Each of the minor aces is placed between its two royal court companion cards, and suddenly the ace vanishes, leaving only the companion cards behind. The Ace of Spades is picked up from the display board, and the four missing aces are found hiding behind it. (Optional Ending) Suddenly all the aces and court cards are back in the playing card box, which reappears just in time to toss the entire packaged deck into the air where it vanishes completely.

Unlike many of Jim's Jumbo Card effects which you print out and assemble yourself, this one is made from inexpensive (source given) 5” x 7” factory-made JUMBO playing cards (two boxes of cards required).



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