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Light Bulb Magic
by Jim Gerrish

Based on an old idea (1929) of Frank Hall, and now made with new (2017) technology and at Dollar Store prices, Jim shows how to make a REALLY bright Atomic (Comedy) Lamp, which can then be converted to a Silk to Light Bulb, Milk to Light Bulb, Live Goldfish to Light Bulb, Card to Light Bulb, Floating Light Bulb, Multiplying Light Bulbs, and if that doesn't get you started on using these brilliant but lightweight and inexpensive light bulbs for even more magic, you have no imagination! Sources for all materials are given in the e-Book.

The Multiplying Light Bulbs are inspired by Sleight of Hand Billiard Ball Lessons from Ellis Stanyon (1904) and Lewis Ganson (1952) but no shell is needed. Excerpts from their books are included to show you how it is done without a shell.



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