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Wizard's Production Book
by Jim Gerrish

From the Hot Book by Billy McComb (1945), through a variety of Flaming Books and Dove Production Books, to my NEW (2017) and OLD (1982) Wizard's Production Book, here is, in my humble opinion, the BEST Production Book you can't buy in stores (you'll have to make it yourself). I first had to make sure that none of my former Wiz Kids, who made these for their own shows as they grew into adult magicians, objected to my passing on the secrets.

So at last, here is the only Production Book you can open up time and again to pull out your next trick, or a load of silks or flowers, several live doves or even a small docile bunny, or to perform my favorite, the floating shiny gold ball that rises out of the 1/2 inch thick book, floats around in your favorite floating ball routine, and then sinks back into the book to be transformed into a photograph of the ball on one of the pages of this magic book. And yes, you can still open with flames, flash paper or, where fire is not permitted, a brilliant flash of light coming from inside the book.



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