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Attractive Cards
by Jim Gerrish

Gee, aren't they cute? But that's not why they are "Attractive Cards". A new principle in card magic makes it possible to perform, for example, a Six Rabbit Repeat using six very different (and named) rabbits, and ending up with lots and lots of baby bunny cards. Make the cards in playing card sizes, or super jumbo sizes. At the end, the remaining six cards, with babies that have suddenly appeared on the backs, are handed out to spectators to hold and count.

It's not about just that one trick. The principle is used to make cards of any size appear, disappear, transform and as we saw in the New "In Their Hands" Three Little Pigs (yes, that uses the same new principle), transpose. Since you print the cards out yourself, you can come up with tricks using any images you want.

There are many other uses for "Attractive Cards" once you understand the basic principles involved. I have also previously used the principle in Clown Clones, and now I am going back over other tricks in which the principle can easily be applied, opening up new windows of opportunities.



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