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21st Century Gemstones
by Jim Gerrish

The Jumping Gems and Hot Rod are combined in one routine, using the latest technology and a touch of magic. The spectator gets to remove a wooden stick from a pouch, make sure it is quite plain and ordinary, and then hands it to the magician. Then the magic starts to happen very similar to Ken Allen's Jumping Gems. A white diamond gemstone appears on one side of the stick. Then on both sides. Then another gemstone appears on the opposite end of the stick. The two white gemstones apparently slide together on one end. Finally they change color and become a red ruby, before disappearing all together and leaving just an empty wooden stick which is again dropped into the spectator's hand. A second empty stick is removed from the pouch and in an instant, it is covered with six different color gem stones on both sides of the stick (Jim Zee's Hot Rod). The spectator chooses a number from one to six and that number selects one of the gemstones. Suddenly all the gemstones become the same color as the chosen one, on both sides of the stick. Just as suddenly, the gemstones disappear and a second plain wooden stick is dropped into the spectator's hand.

The standard 1-6 Spell/Count Force is NOT used in this Hot Rod routine. Instead. Jim provides a way to use a single examinable die to select ANY number from 1-6.



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