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Eyeball Catch

by Professor Spellbinder

Most items required to make this magic effect are available from: Oriental Trading using exact ordering information given in the e-Book.

When I saw these eyeball paddles for Halloween, I was immediately reminded of Zone Zero by the late Jerry Andrus, in which a plastic sheet with a hole in it is used to make a ball (or any round object like an apple, or orange, etc.) appear and disappear when tossed into or pulled out of the hole in the center. I will NOT be explaining how that is done (buy the DVD), but I WILL be explaining how to use the paddle instead of the plastic sheet PLUS where to continue Zone Zero from there... additional ways to make the eyeball appear and disappear, turning the paddle into a CHANGE PADDLE without a bag, and so on. Once you know Zone Zero, this is the next locical step!

The next big magic season coming up is Christmas, and you'll be happy to know you can move right into it with these Reindeer Paddles from Oriental Trading Company. Just change the story line and keep on Zero Zoning.



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