By Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

I went to Toys “R” Us and saw a great idea for a magic trick. It was a battery operated toy dog. The dog was wiggling around and walking, then suddenly it did a back flip and landed on its feet. The price was right ($10.00) and I knew it would make a great trick, so I bought some foamboard and duct tape from the Dollar Store and built this little dog house to make my new pet appear and disappear. I also worked out an "invisible dog" routine which I will throw in as a bonus.

I show you in photos how to build my dog house that makes Puppy-Fiki appear in a second, opening up flat to display him wiggling and barking and ready to perform his favorite trick... the back flip! That would make a great act all by itself, but in a magic family like mine, everybody had ideas to share with me. So now, before the real Puppy-Fiki appears in the dog house, an invisible Puppy-Fiki shows up and wanders around the stage. You can even show him to be paper trained, if you have that kind of sense of humor. Then, just when the invisible Puppy-Fiki has run out of tricks, he runs into the dog house and makes himself visible. Finally, you put the dog house (that he knocked flat) back together and put him back inside to calm down so the kids can reach in and pet him. The only problem now is that he seems to have disappeared again! You take the dog house all apart and there is no sign of him. Wait! He suddenly reappears barking and wagging his tail in his special carrying cage, and joining him is his little girl-friend puppy Fifi-Fiki!

The names are optional. You can call them anything you want and before you order this, you should locate and buy the toy back-flipping dog(s) so you know it will work for you. Then all you need is my easy instructions for building all the props from foamboard and duct tape (or gaffer's tape). This only takes a razor knife, a metal ruler, and can be constructed in your kitchen in one evening.

I'll put up a video soon, but if you wait for the video before starting work, you won't have the trick ready for your Christmas shows! It's good any time of year, but it's especially great as something new for the Holidays!

Magician Gino Garcia built a larger version for his Magic Arm Puppet. You can see his photos HERE.



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