Musca Domestica

by Professor Spellbinder


The Wizard is lecturing on the subject of restoring life to the dead, Frankenstein, etc. While he lectures, several annoying houseflies buzz around him. He finally picks up a fly swatter (or uses a rolled up scroll) and swats a fly. "Got him!" he exclaims, and picks up the dead fly to show the audience. He pretends to hear a challenge to bring the fly back to life. "So you don't think I can do it?" he asks. He then has an onlooker hold out his palm and drops the dead fly on it. After a few minutes of muttered incantations from the Book of the Dead by the Wizard, the fly stirs, flips over and flies off.

The Wizard quickly grabs at the fly and catches it, holding it in his closed fist. Of course, he explains, restoring life to that which was dead can have some awesome consequences, as the Frankenstein story points out. Sometimes, when brought back to life, the subject turns into a MONSTER! As he shouts the last word, he opens his hand to reveal a giant fly.

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