Talismania II

by Professor Spellbinder


The Wizard shows a talisman, and if it is attached to a chain, removes the chain. Explaining that the talisman has the power to attract money (or gold), the Wizard offers to demonstrate. He shows four silver or gold coins, placing two of the coins in one hand, and the other two coins PLUS the talisman in the other. He allows two onlookers to pull his sleeves up, baring his arms and once again shows that all is fair- two coins in one hand, and two coins plus the talisman in the other. The onlookers are invited to take hold of his arms to keep his hands from coming close to one another. By wiggling his thumbs, the Wizard causes two of the coins to vanish and join up with the talisman and the coins in his other hand. If this doesn't convince the onlookers that magic is real, nothing will.

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