Escape Yoke

This makes use of a little known Escape Yoke that was one of Qua-Fiki's first escape effects as a Wiz Kid, so you know it's easy to make and perform, yet it never fails to get him applause because it seems like such a difficult escape. He wears a heavy wooden yoke over his neck and shoulders. Chains fasten his wrists to the yoke and around his neck in such a way that it seems he will choke if he isn't careful. Two more chains anchor the yoke around his legs, making it difficult for him to move very far or very fast. The chains are fastened with ordinary padlocks and members of the audience help chain him up and inspect the padlocks, etc. Yet he releases himself in less than ten seconds. It's a spectacular escape your audience is not likely to have seen and because it happens so quickly. One caveat: It needs an assistant to take charge of the chaining because he really is quite helpless while he is in the yoke.

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The e-Book gives Qua-Fiki's complete plans for building the Escape Yoke, with photos showing how to construct it and how to perform it as shown in the video above.



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