Card Template CD-ROM
for Qua-Fiki's Go Fish Card Tricks Complete (QF01-00)

This CD contains all the templates to print out the Go Fish cards in three sizes: small card (2.5" x 3.5"), large (3.5 " x 5 ") and ultra jumbo 8" x 10". There are NO instructions included- just images organized into folders. The instructions for the effects and for printing the templates are in QF01-00 the Complete Go Fish Card Tricks e-Book ($50.00). Only registered purchasers of that e-Book will be permitted to buy the companion CD. Purchasers of the individual e-Books will have to make do with the images included in the pdf files themselves for small and large cards (no ultra jumbo templates are included in pdf files).

The Twelve Chapters of Go Fish Tricks

Go Fish Monte
Go Wild Fish
Go Fish Derby
Go Fish Mind Control
Sharky and His Gang
Fly Fishing
Flying Fish
Fish Fry
School Fish
Go Fish Box Effects
No Fishing - Go Fishing

Templates are included for all twelve chapters of the book, including the Card Box templates. The templates are provided in the highest quality uncompressed jpg formats, as well as in tif formats. If you want to take the CD to a printer like Staples, or Kinkos, etc., they will probably require the jpg format, while you may prefer to work with the tif format for printing on your home computer. If you have any questions about what is included on the CD please contact me (Spellbinder) at

You do NOT NEED the CD to print out the cards or boxes unless you want to make the ultra jumbo stage size cards. All the templates are included in the complete e-Book pdf file, as well as in every individual chapter e-Book pdf file. However, the quality of pdf images may not be satisfactory to everyone, especially if you want to take the files to a printer raqther than print them on your home computer. With other Magic Nook e-Books, we send out templates to purchasers free on request. We cannot do that with Qua-Fiki's Go Fish images... there are too many of them! The ultra jumbo images are ONLY on the CD... the pdf format for the e-Books will not allow them to be printed out full size, so if you want to make stage versions, you will have to get the CD or do your own graphics.



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