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The Invisible Man Strikes Again!

This effect uses a variation of The Invisible Wand by Larry West and Al Cohen. Qua-Fiki has some pictures of famous super heroes, but that mischief maker, the Invisible Man, has made them all invisible, like himself. Qua-Fiki shows all the cards blank on both sides as he searches for the card containing a photo of the Invisible Man. At last it turns up, but of course it looks as blank as the other six cards. By applying "Logical Magic" to the problem, Qua-Fiki finally makes the super heroes show up. Then he proceeds to show the greatest super-hero of them all on the last card... himself!



Tissue Tear Super Hero Suit

The performer shows some colored sheets of tissue paper on both sides. A sheet of each color is given to a spectator, and the performer also has two sheets of each color. They each begin to tear up and fold their sheets with the spectator trying to duplicate everything the performer does, but the performer unfolds his sheets and displays a Super Hero cape that he places on the helper. Then he takes the paper the helper has been tearing and folding and performs a little "Super Hero Magic" by transforming the pieces into a Super Hero Mask. Now the new young Super Hero is ready for training.



Hunt for a Super Villain

The above effect turned a young helper from the audience into an "instant super-hero." At least, he looks like a super hero. Now you will give him the magic power he needs to seek out and find super villains. To practice his new super power, you give him "wanted posters" with the photos of eight (or so) different super villains that most kids who read comic books will recognize on sight. Just in case they don't recognize them, the names of the super villains are printed on the "wanted posters". The poster cards are placed face-down before the young super-hero helper and someone from the audience calls out the name of one of the super villains completely at random. With the aid of his magic "villain detector" the helper is able to locate the poster card of the chosen super villain to his amazement and the amazement of everyone watching.



Super Hero Rope Routine

This is what started Qua-Fiki's quest for Super Hero magic. He had been working on a magic rope routine and was looking for a theme to tie all the rope effects together. At the same time, he was getting ready to perform at FREE Comic Book Day in South Orange (2009) and found a generic Super Hero costume at one of the stores there. Suddenly he had discovered his theme- super hero magic with each of his rope effects demonstrating another super hero power. He explains his routine from beginning to end in this e-Book, all except the part where he transforms himself from Dress Suit Qua-Fiki to Super Hero Qua-Fiki, which you can read all about in the Quick Change Phone Booth e-Book found below: QF02-06.



Wonder Dog

Super Hero Qua-Fiki shows off his pet Wonder Dog. Wonder Dog also has some super powers, but you'll have to buy the routine to find out what they are. All I can say is that both you and your audiences of all ages will enjoy this wonderful and very funny puppet dog routine.

Qua-Fiki attended David Ginn's KidBiz Live Workshop in Rutland, Vermont this year and brought home one of David's English Sheep Dog Arm Puppets. You don't need David's Magical Sheep Dog Arm Puppet, but if you want it, you'll find it HERE. You can really use any puppet for the routine, changing the jokes to fit the style of puppet you are using.



Quick Change Phone Booth

All super heroes need a private place to change into their costumes, and so does Super Hero Qua-Fiki. This PVC and foamboard cabinet looks like a phone booth, but has special features to help you perform a quick change...even if you don't need to appear dressed as a super hero. Qua-Fiki not only shows how to construct the phone booth, but also gives tips on making a standard suit of clothes quickly and magically transform into a super hero outfit, or a clown outfit, or a santa or elf suit, or whatever you want to wear. The cabinet breaks down for easy transportation in the back seat of a car.



Super Hero Napkin Tricks

Go to any party goods store and you'll find that Super Heroes have their own collections of paper cups, paper plates, table cloths, and... napkins! This e-Book focuses on magic you can do using these special design napkins, including the "Do As I Do" Torn and Restored Napkin, Napkin Superball Matrix, Napkin Animated Mouse and Qua-Fiki's super variation called "Mighty Mouse."




X-Ray Vision

Super Hero Qua-Fiki demonstrates that he doesn't have X-Ray Vision...but he does have some peachy-keen X-Ray goggles that allow him to see through solid objects and even to see fingerprints on the objects to tell him to whom they belong.


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