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There's An Egg In Your Hat
by Jim Gerrish

You ask a child to lend you his or her hat so you can show them a marvelous magic trick, however, before you accept the hat from the child, say: “Please take the egg out of your hat before you give it to me. The trick doesn’t work if there is an egg in your hat.”

The child will protest that there is no egg in the hat. Take the hat and hold it out to another child. “Let’s get a second opinion on that. Do you see an egg in the hat?”

The second child looks in and nods. He sees an egg in the hat. And that is the beginning of a very funny routine where you and other children can find eggs in the first child's hat, but when he takes the hat and turns it inside out, there is no egg to be found. At the end, he finally finds a HUGE egg in his hat that is discovered to be filled with candy or toys, etc., which can be shared with the other helpers, and usually enough for everyone in the audience.

Then you finally discover the reason for all those eggs appearing in the hat- it seems that a chicken has been hiding inside the hat as well... not just any chicken, but a chicken hat. The magician packs everything back inside the child's hat, chicken and eggs and warns the child to make sure to tell his mother about how tricky his hat has become. Of course, the child can turn his hat inside out forever and never find any of that great stuff inside the hat again.

Bonus: For those of you who like to end an egg routine by cracking the egg open to show that it is real, I have included my "broken and restored" egg trick, never before revealed. The egg is broken and the contents dumped into a glass, along with the broken egg shells. Then the contents seem to visibly draw back together and reform into an egg again. You tear and restore paper, you tear and restore playing cards; why not break and restore an egg? Now you can!



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