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The Hand Bag Sponge Ball Routine

by Professor Spellbinder and Jim Gerrish

Professor Spellbinder first wrote this tutorial in 2005 for training Wiz Kids in a beginner's sponge ball routine that has a beginning, middle and an end, and which can be used for tablehopping because you start clean, end clean and end with everything reset so you can perform it all over again. Jim Gerrish re-edited the video and re-wrote the tutorial in 2014 so it could be used by anyone in any situation, even without Wiz Kid background training.

This e-Book comes with access to a video tutorial which helps illustrate the various moves of the routine. This is the basic sponge routine that is taught to all Wiz Kids when they first join. Later, they are encouraged to add more parts and change it to adapt to their own styles of performance.

The e-Book teaches how to use a Halloween Hand Bag so the routine can be performed sitting down, or without the need for pockets or pouches. The bag is NOT a change bag, but an ordinary bag that can be examined and used for collecting tips, etc. You can find these bags in Dollar stores and Party stores around Halloween time.

In the video below, Qua-Fiki shows the basic sponge ball routine that you will learn, but instead of using a Hand Bag, he uses his pocket - one less thing to carry around. It's your choice but it's good to know both methods.

Hand Bag Sponge Ball Routine by Professor Spellbinder from James Gerrish on Vimeo.



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