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Mongolian Pop Knot Routine Revisited

by Jim Gerrish

Whit Haydn is the creator of The Mongolian Pop-Knot routine. In order to use this e-Book , you will need to thoroughly know and use his Mongolian Pop Knot Routine, because you will NOT learn it here. This e-Book, published with Whit's permission, takes you in another direction, for those who need or want to perform the Pop Knot routine in a busking or table hopping situation. To learn the original routine, go HERE:'s_The_Mongolian_Pop_Knot_DVD_--_NEW!.html

Once you have learned it, if you want a way to perform the Mongolian Pop Knot Routine in a way that does not actually cut the rope and leave behind a little trail of Pop Knots wherever you go, this e-Book will show you how to do it. Several different solutions are presented so you have some choices and won't look like every other busker or tablehopper you know. The technique of "false cuts" may also be applied to other cut and restored rope routines where you don't want to actually cut the rope every time you perform it. The techniques involving "rope switches" may also be applied to other rope effects, as well.




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