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Holiday Candy Box

by Jim Gerrish and Wiz Kid Qua-fiki

Based on the Bean Box by Stillwell, a.k.a. Mean Bean Machine by U.F. Grant, this small box of candy or other small gifts – not beans – can be the highlight of your holiday shows. When filled with candy, small toys to fit the theme or season, or pirates’ treasure of (fake) gold coins and jewels, it will be more attractive than a box filled with beans. I’ll show you how to make it receive much more than a signed coin, but also cell phones, wallets and other things of more interest to today’s audiences. Best of all, it is easily made of cardboard or hardboard and windows of clear plastic sheets or glass from the Dollar Store. The version Qua-Fiki is showing in the photo below and demonstrating in the video below is a clear plastic candy tub bought as is from the corner drug store. His version is even simpler to make!

Making the borrowed object disappear so that it can reappear in the Bean or Candy Box is just as important, and I'll show you several ways of doing just that in this e-Book.

Jim Gerrish and Qua-Fiki's Holiday Candy Box from James Gerrish on Vimeo.




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