Ink to Goldfish Variations

by Professor Spellbinder

In the 1950’s magicians all over the world were performing Ink to Goldfish just the way it was advertised in the catalogs. It may have been invented by Hofzinser who was becoming well-known in the magic world for his many inventions by 1846, one of which was known to be his Ink Goblet trick. However it got here, the effect stayed exactly as described in the ads, and is rarely seen today because of the demise of liquid ink fountain pens and quill pens; no more bottles of ink, so no more Ink to Goldfish. Too bad, because as this e-Book shows, it is capable of so much more.

I will show you new effects, like:

I Could Have Had a V-8

OJ For Breakfast

Reading Tea Leaves For Fun and Profit

Water to Wine to Living Water

There's a Fish in My Coffee

And yes, you can still do the Ink to Goldfish if you really insist.



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