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Flying Quarter Mystery

by Professor Spellbinder

Based on the Lippincott "Quarter Go," here are some new ideas on this old mystery. You don't need woodworking skills to make Spellbinder's ungimmicked locked box that replaces the tricky (and expensive) Lippincott boxes. Buy any small wooden box from a craft store, or make a plain box with no need for extensive woodworking skills. Also includes a method for performing this effect with a cell phone or deck of cards.

The Lippincott Box is a small padlocked box that is used to re-produce a quarter after it vanishes. This was originally called “Quarter Go” when marketed by Holden’s in 1949.

There were at least two Lippincotts in magic. Part of the mystery is which one gets the credit for inventing it. The jury is still out on the question.

To me, Lippincott’s real “Invention” was combining the small box with the quarter vanish.

Lippincott did one thing more – he turned a box made for vanishing a pocket watch into a box for the reappearance of a vanished quarter. However, for those who are not accomplished wood workers to make such a box on their own (like me!), I came up with an alternative many years ago that can use any small wooden craft box- no gimmicking needed. The video shows Qua-Fiki performing the basic effect with an ungimmicked box purchased at a Dollar Store.

Spellbinder's Flying Quarter Mystery from James Gerrish on Vimeo.



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