The Spirit Mirror Revisited
By Professor Spellbinder

In 1945, Loring Campbell wrote about an effect he called a Spirit Mirror that was a direct descendant of the Spirit Slates used by mediums in sťances in the 1870s. His effect required sand blasting a mirror and did not catch on with the general magic public, but it intrigued me enough to remember it, and when technology caught up with the concept, I was ready to apply it to this effect. These days it is relatively easy to construct and in this e-Book I show you how. As an added bonus, I also reveal my Devil's Corner, which is my own variation that turns a Devil's Hank from a passive prop to an active one. It is also a useful accomplice in performing my version of The Spirit Mirror.

My mirror came from the Dollar Store and the rest was just as inexpensive, but more than a dollar. Loring Cambell's effect was a glorified card trick, so that's what I'm illustrating here, but imagine a seance where a photo of the deceased appears in the mirror instead of a card, and then vanishes again. That's covered in the e-Book, too!


The Spirit Mirror Revisited


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