Topsy Turvey Jumping Clown
by Professor Spellbinder

My version of this combines the original Topsy Turvey Clown idea by Harold G. Beaumont (as manufactured by Jack Hughes for Supreme Magic) plus the Jumping Clown of Eric C. Lewis that he predicted would be too difficult for the average magician to build and so would never be used. With today's technology and materials (and my wizard modifications), construction is easy and you'll have an animated children's prop and routine like no other to be found in magic stores.

Harold G. Beaumont came up with the idea for the original Topsy Turvey Clown continuity gag trick:
A picture of a clown is rested back outwards on an easel. After performing some other trick, the magician turns the clown card over and shows him to have turned upside down. The picture is righted and replaced on the easel. This is repeated again and again, each time the performer referring to the Clown as a “Little Monkey.” Surprisingly, this is just what he becomes at the end.

The trick was manufactured by Jack Hughes for Supreme Magic. Manufacturing rights are now owned and reserved by Derek Lever of Taurus Magic Supply, however, that does not stop you from making and using one for your own show, since you are not manufacturing them for others. Besides, you are going to make a lot of personalized changes in the original theme AND you will (if you are wise) be combining it with the Eric C. Lewis Jumping Clown trick, which he thought would prove to be too difficult for most magicians to build and would probably never be used by anyone. WRONG! I show you how to print out the necessary pieces on your computer printer and construct a simplified version of his clown house that can be used to merge both effects together. The house can be made from foamboard, cardboard or hardboard if you wish.

I also show you how to change the clown into various other figures for seasonal use at Halloween or Christmas or any other time of the year. You can even make the clown with your own face (photo) so he looks like your little alter ego.


Topsy Turvey Jumping Clown


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