TV Card Frame Revisited
by Professor Spellbinder

Invented by Jack Hughes in 1936, and almost immediately pirated by every magic manufacturer as soon as he began making them for Davenports, we look into several variations that have made the rounds over the years, add some new routines and some new ideas on building one of your own from Dollar Store materials.

Standard Effect: A card is selected and shuffled back into a pack. The performer displays a frame with two clear sheets. The clear sheets are fastened together with rubber bands or elastic straps. The pack is tossed towards the frame, and the selected card immediately appears, sandwiched between the clear sheets. These are removed from the frame, and a spectator may himself open the clear sheets and remove the card from between them.

Joker Vision
By Professor Spellbinder

Effect: A deck of cards is fanned face up to a spectator to freely choose any card… except the Joker. He is told the Joker has a way of always getting the “last laugh” and so it should be avoided.

The spectator picks a card and signs it across the face. The magician states he doesn’t trust the Joker and decides to strap the Joker between the clear sheets of the TV Frame. The back of the Joker faces the audience so they don’t have to look at his mocking laughing face. Now the signed card is placed face down into the deck of cards.

The cards are showered at the TV Frame and it is seen that all the cards have changed into Jokers. The TV frame is turned around to show that the Joker that was sealed inside has been replaced by the signed card.

The card is released from between the clear sheets and the signature is verified by the spectator. Apologizing for the rude behavior of the Jokers to interfere in the trick, the magician offers to repeat it. The elastics are put back on the clear sheets and they in turn are placed on the wood frame.

The signed card is torn into pieces, and the spectator is given a corner to keep. The other pieces are wrapped in paper and placed at the base of the TV frame, either on a clip or in an ashtray.

The paper goes up in flames and a card with one piece missing from the corner is seen to have appeared inside the frame. The performer hands the clear sheets to the spectator and the spectator retrieves the card, showing that the corner being held is indeed the missing corner.

Just added (12/03/09) : An addendum to include the 1946 effect "Foto-Flight" by Leon Maguire, but made simply from Dollar Store materials. If you are a previous purchaser of this effect and failed to get the addendum, please contact me at .



TV Card Frame Revisited


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