Dr. Q's Haunted Door

The man behind Dr. Q was known professionally as "Alexander, the Man Who Knows." Many of his ideas were manufactured or published by Floyd Thayer, either under his own name or as the mysterious (and fictional) Dr. Q. This e-Book gives you the history of the Haunted Door, and brings it up to date in ways Thayer and Alexander never dreamed possible.

You'll be constructing a miniature door "from a haunted house" out of wood, with antique brass hinges and fittings, plus an antique looking (or perhaps real, if you are good at hunting down antiques) door knocker that will pass on messages from the spirits by rapping loudly on the door. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 in materials to construct the door, depending on how expensive your tastes are.* If you like a challenging woodshop project, this might be for you!

* Jim Gerrish, who has no taste at all, made one from a trash heap door for about $10.00 for sandpaper and varnish.


Dr. Q's Haunted Door


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