Germain's Silk to Egg Revisited
By Professor Spellbinder

So old, it's new. Karl Germain's version has these advantages over the usual silk to egg effect:

It seems like entirely new trick. If you are used to doing any of the traditional silk to egg effects in your show, you will enjoy substituting this one for a change of pace, especially for audiences who have seen your act once or twice before.

It takes time and effort to prepare, which leaves out the magic shop magician who buys everything at a magic shop and performs it right out of the box exactly according to the directions. This version leaves some openings for you to get creative. You are not likely to have any competition from other magicians in your area performing the same effect (until after they have seen you do it!).

Three versions are included, as well as Germain's original effect. My favorite is the Easter Egg version, but you can also perform the effect with real eggs which are broken open to prove they are real.

Easter Egg effect:

Six candy filled Easter Eggs are displayed (you can use more than six, if desired). One of them is chosen by a spectator and opened up to show that the egg is filled with jelly beans or other wrapped candies, which are passed out. Six differently colored silk handkerchiefs are shown, and the spectator chooses a color. He then chooses another egg from the candy-filled egg display and holds the freely chosen egg in one hand and the color silk handkerchief in the other. The magician takes the silk handkerchief and causes it to vanish. The spectator opens up the freely chosen egg and finds the handkerchief inside it. All the other eggs in the display are then opened up and are found to contain candy. As an optional ending, the colored silk handkerchief is pushed back into the magician's fist and turns back into an Easter Egg... but this time the egg is opened and found to be filled with candy. The silk has truly vanished.

Germain's Silk to Egg Revisited



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