Thimblerigging for Thimble Flingers
By Professor Spellbinder

I know, I know! Thimblerig is another name for the three shell game, but it also can describe any sneaky cheat used by con artists or (gasp!) magicians. So I have used the term to describe three special thimble gimmicks you can make to enhance any thimble manipulations you might be tempted to accomplish with pure sleight of hand. If this offends anyone, I am deeply honored.

I have heard it argued (mainly by those who have never tried it) that performing any kind of magic routine with thimbles is passť. Obviously, this e-Book is not for those “thimble-bashers.”

The first “Thimblerig” is by Floyd Thayer. In order to sell thimble effects, Thayer had to provide some basic instructions in thimble magic sleights that his customers could easily master. We include them in this e-Book as well, along with other basic sleights that might be needed to make use of the thimblerigs. The second and third thimblerigs are by Glenn Gravatt, formerly marketed by Thayer. In order to make one of Gravatt's effects convincing, we have also included an effect by Ray Mac Math. As usual, I add my wizard touches where appropriate to bring these old effects into modern times.


Thimblerigging for Thimble Flingers


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