Thayer's Pop Up Color Change Silk

There are many color changing silk effects, but as far as I know, this is the only version that can be done with one hand. A silk handkerchief, of a solid color, is shown and it is crumpled, with one hand only, into the fist. Then the fist is opened and a silk handkerchief of a totally different, and vividly contrasting color pops up. Both hands are shown empty. My "Wizard-Touched" Variations show how to do multiple color changes, mismades and blendos using the same simple principle.

The apparatus is self contained and there are no dye tubes to add or get rid of. The effect is worked with one hand only. The other hand never approaches the handkerchief during the change.

The effect is well suited to the Master of Ceremonies and may be used effectively as a silent or talking opener.


Pop Up Color Change Silk


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