Louis Haley's Orange and Apple

Louis F. Haley invented this sometime in the 1920's and Floyd Thayer was quick to produce it and put it into his catalog. Thayer sent you a realistic orange and apple carved of wood in his version. My "Wizard-Touched" version brings the apple and orange to life using the real fruit. The apple (I use a green apple for my routine) is covered with a green bandana, and the orange is covered by an orange bandana. The spectator holds one and I hold the other. After I teach the spectator the Wizard's Transposition spell, he reaches into his green bandana and discovers that he is now holding the orange, while I now have the apple in mine. Both the real apple and real orange and two unprepared bandanas may then be used in other effects.

You will need to buy two opaque bandanas of appropriately different colors, plus some apples and oranges. No wooden, plastic or artificial fruit needs to be harmed in the course of doing this effect! This is magic you can snack on!

You may adapt this effect for use with other fruit or objects as described in the article.


Orange and Apple


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