Thayer's Forcit Box

This interesting little box, invented by Floyd Thayer in the 1940's, will force a dime or a penny of certain date, a color (by using colored tiddlywinks), or tags upon which letters or numbers or words have been printed. One of these boxes today costs over $250, if you can get one at auction. I'll show you my Wizard's secret for building one for a buck ($1.00) along with my "new and improved" method of working it.

Before you buy these instructions, go to your local Dollar Store (Quid Store in the U.K.) or craft or hobby store and make sure you can get something that looks like this:

The glass window in the top isn't absolutely necessary, but it's a nice touch if you can find one; the spectators get to shake up the contents and they can see the pennies or tiddlywinks moving around inside so they know it's a real random mix going on inside. I found the box in the photo at Dollar Tree.

With the box, and some simple home workshop tools, you are ready to imagine that you are Floyd Thayer in the 1940's, working in his magic workshop. Achoo! Dusty in here, isn't it?

I was responding to someone on The Magic Cafe Forum and just realized that my version of the Forcit Box has an advantage that Thayer's original box didn't have. The box can be reset in front of the audience to force any number of items. In other words, you could force a red tiddlywink, and then a green one, and then a yellow one... etc., in any order you wish and each time the box makes it seem like a random event, not a force. Maybe I should charge more for this feature? Naah!


Thayer's Forcit Box


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