E-Books - what you order is to be e-mailed back to you:

Examples: My first e-Book - "Snow Globe"

Write up your order on any sheet of paper. Make sure you total the costs of the items correctly or it may delay your order.

If you prefer, you can e-mail your list and I will e-mail you back an order you can print out and include with your order to make sure there are no mistakes.

Include your e-mail address so I can e-mail back the items you ordered. I will also use it to verify that I received your money order.

Making out the Money Order and mailing it to me:

Make the money order payable to: Manuel Commun

Mail it, along with your paper order (either hand written or printed from our e-mail) to:

Mr. Manuel Commun
15 Route De Percy
50410 Villebaudon

I do NOT accept checks. I return them unused.

My e-mail address: contact@manumagie.com

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