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Vol 9. No. 96 - September 2018
Stryper: To Hell With the Devil!
World Championship for Escapeology, by Stuart Burrell
On the Job with Dave Richards
Lockbusters - 4 greatest EA’s
Mirror Man Traps Houdini by Warren Mangers
Occult Escapology: Humanic Possesion
Michael Mezmer Injured, by Michael Mezmer
Inescapable: The life and legacy


Vol. 1 No. 1 - October 2010 Vol 1. No. 2 - November 2010 Vol 1. No. 3 - December 2010
Introduction to T.I.E.S.
Introduction to W.E.A.R.
Wikipedia Honors Escape Artists
Where to go from here?
- by Norman Bigelow
What makes a great escape?
- by Roslyn Walker
Silver Cuffs Awards
Cable Tie Escape Techniques
- by Wolflock
Perception of Escapology
- by Roslyn Walker
Don't you Hate When that Happens?
- by Cliff Gerstman


Vol.2. No. 4 - January 2011 Vol.2. No. 5 - February 2011 Vol.2. No. 6 - March 2011
- by Shawn Ness
Curtis Lovell Conquers "Buried Alive"
- by Wayne Kamwamoto
- by Cliff Gerstman
Prince Von Anhalt's Revenge
- by the Great Cindini
Zip Tie Gimmick
- by Shawn Ness
Qua-Fiki's "Escapes For Teens"
- Review by Roslyn Walker
Doors of Death History
- by Norman Bigelow
I can't see the future, can you?
- by Cliff Gerstman
It's All About You
- by Norman Bigelow
The Houdini Effect
- by Professor Spellbinder
The Water Torture Cell History
- from Magicpedia
Philippe Petit; the Front of the House
- by Mike Booth


Vol 2. No. 15 - December 2011 Vol 3. No. 16 - January 2012 Vol 3. No. 17 - February 2012
Smith and Wesson
- by Norman Bigelow
Profile of the Month - Alexandria
Escape in the Media - Dorothy Dietrich
Photo Corner
An Open Challenge
- by Cliff Gerstman
Jari on TV - by Jari of Finland
Paper Rope Escape by Prof. Spellbinder
Profile of the Month: Ms. Morgan
Escape in the Media (Stephen King Novels)
Lock Picking and Jail by Norman Bigelow
Misadventures by Cliff Gerstman
Mr. Miracle
Convention & Challenge - John Goncz
Profile of the Month - Rick Maisel
Escape in the Media - by Kate Bush
Opening a Jail Lock - by Norman Bigelow
Santini is on Fire - Steve Santini
Back to Bryce
Houdini Live


Vol 3. No. 18 - March 2012 Vol 3. No. 19 - April 2012 Vol 3. No. 20 - May 2012
Santini on Ripley's
Fear & Dangerous Escapes by Norman Bigelow
Profile of the Month - Arian Black
Escape in the Media - The Great Houdini
Cartoon Escape- by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki
Ties Parade - by Cliff Gerstman
What Could Go Wrong?
Mario's Magazine
Get a Real Review
Profile of the Month - Kristi Toguchi
Escape in the Media
Houdini-ism by Norman Bigelow
BBC Needs to Hear You!
What Could Go Wrong?
Henning Houdini
On The Set - Cliff Gerstman
Profile of the Month - Michael Lee
Escape in the Media
Being Believed - Norman Bigelow
Misadventures - Alexandria the Great


Vol 3. No. 21 - June 2012 Vol 3. No. 22 - July 2012 Vol 3. No. 23 - August 2012
Who Am I?
Escape in Vietnam - by Bill Martin
Profile of the Month - Katalin Czekmann
Escape in the Media - Alan Parsons
Steranko's World - by Norman Bigelow
Be Prepared - by Professor Spellbinder
Escape Art- by Stuart Burrell
Profile of the Month - Alan Alan
Escape in the Media - by Ed Ifkovic
Freedom - by Norman Bigelow
How Tall "is" Houdini?- by Cliff Gerstman
Mario Manzini Festival
New Water Torture Cell
A Leap of Faith
The Psychology of Music by Wollack
Profile of the Month - Melinda
Escape in the Media - The Escapist
School Shows - by Norman Bigelow
Brooms of Doom - by Prof. Spellbinder
Alexandria the Mermaid - by Alexandria



Vol 3. No. 24 - September 2012 Vol 3. No. 25 - October 2012 Vol 3. No. 26 - November 2012
Jane's Addiction
Curtis gets Interviewed
Profile of the Month - Wolflock
Escape in the Media - by Mr. Impossible
Houdini & Dante by Norman Bigelow
Getting Started by Robo
Norman and Margery
Morgan vs Criss
Card Escapes by Prof. Spellbinder
Profile of the Month - Morgan Strebler
Escape in the Media - The Great Simpsina
Instant Knowledge by Norman Bigelow
In the Trenches by Roslyn Walker
Profile of the Month: Michael Griffin
Escape in the Media - Mr. Miracle
General Stuff by Norman Bigelow
Talon by Mr. Impossible


Vol 3. No. 27 - December 2012 Vol 4. No. 28 - January 2013 Vol 4. No. 29 - February 2013
Merry Christmas
In the Trenches with Roslyn Walker
Profile of the Month - David Straitjacket
Escape in the Media by Paul Adam
Chambers by Norman Bigelow
Pronounce It
Living Illusions
In the Trenches by Roslyn Walker
Profile of the Month: Sof Strait
Escape in the Media: Houdini's Box
Houdini's Lost Vault by Norman Bigelow
Odds n' Sods from Robert
Who Are We?
In the Trenches, by Roslyn Walker
Profile of the Month - David Merlini
Escape in the Media -Alanis Morisette
Fake Lock Picking by Norman Bigelow
But What? by Cliff Gerstman
Odds n' Sods
10 Greatest Escape Artists


Vol 4. No. 30 - March 2013 Vol 4. No. 31 - April 2013 Vol 4. No. 32 - May 2013
In the Trenches by Roslyn
Profile of the Month: Curtis Lovell II
Escape in the Media by Teel James Glen
Mystery of the Museum by Norman Bigelow
But What? by Cliff Gerstman
The Adventure of Rick Maisel
New World Records? by Cliff Gerstman
New Houdini Poster
Sometimes It Hurts by David Straitjacket
Profile of the Month - Theodore Hardeen
Escape in the Media- Great Kandinsky
Dreaming? by Norman Bigelow
Boo Snopes by Cliff Gerstman
Living Illusions (Again) Kevin & Kristen
Mario Manzini
The Amazing Masiel, by Brenda Kay Dunagen
Profile of the Month: Dayle Krall
Escape in the Media, by Mr. Impossible
Exploitation, by Norman Bigelow
Stranger Than Fiction, by Cliff Gerstman


Vol 4. No. 33 - June 2013 Vol 4. No. 34 - July 2013 Vol 4. No. 35 - August 2013
Dennis Loomis R.I.P.
Eaten by Gators by Ciara LaVelle
Profile of the Month: Glendini
Escape in the Media: Elementary
The Mirror & The Cuffs by Norman Bigelow
The Lapsus Lock by Cliff Gerstman
Presto's Magic Shop by Eric Bradley
Wonder Woman 4th
Flashback 2005
Profile of the Month: Jason Escape
Escape in the Media
Inside the World of Magic & Escapes: by Norman
Boo N.A.S.A.
High Tech Handcuffs
Flashback 2006 by Cliff Gerstman
Profile of the Month: Richard Sherry
Escape in the Media: Watson & Houdini
Always Hold Back a Little by Norman Bigelow
Magic Babe Ning by J.C. Sum


Vol 4. No. 36 - September 2013 Vol 4. No. 37 - October 2013 Vol 4. No. 38 - November 2013
The Key to Escape
Flashback 2006 Part II
Profile of the Month: Clementina Starr
Escape in the Media : Death & Harry Houdini
Three Mile Buried Alive by Norman Bigelow
The Jewish Superhero by Loren
Escape News from Roslyn Walker
Water Vault Rehearsals by J.C. Sum
Halloween Last Year
Flashback 2006 by Mark Cannon
Profile of the Month - Stephen Mollett
Escape in the Media by Michael Stevens
Theories by Norman Bigelow
The Fantastic Harley Newman
L.A. Magazine - Curtis Lovell
The Power of a Backdrop by Norman Bigelow
Don't Lose Your Head
Happy Thanksgiving
Flashback 2007
Profile of the Month: Magic "Babe" Ning
Escape in the Media by Gabriel Brownstein
Backdrops, Props, etc. by Norman Bigelow
Found on the Internet by Robert M. Puhalla


Vol 4. No. 39 - December 2013 Vol 5. No. 40 - January 2014 Vol 5. No. 41 - February 2014
Mrs. Claus Christmas
Flashback 2007 by Cliff Gerstman
Profile of the Month: Consentino
Escape in the Media by Val Andrews
The Rain Barrel Escape by Prof. Spellbinder
The Other Stuff by Norman Bigelow
90 Seconds by Anthony Britton
The Escapist
Escape For Life by Stuart Burrell
Profile of the Month - James Randi
Escape in the Media by Dixie Dooley
The AD Papers by Norman Bigelow
Flashback 2008 by Cliff Girstman
Lion Cage Challenge by Wolflock
Setting a Mood by Roslyn Walker & Etc.
Houdini Did It
Escape For Life by Stuart Burrell
Profile of the Month - Connie Boyd
Escape In The Media - Under the Pyramids
Lock Picking & Jail Breaks by Norman Bigelow
Who's Next? from Richard Sherry
Lion Cage Challenge by Wolflock
Misadventures by Glendini


Vol 5. No. 42 - March 2014 Vol 5. No. 43 - April 2014 Vol 5. No. 44 - May 2014
Professor Elliot
Escape for Life by Stuart Burrell
Profile of the Month: Valentine Augustus Walker
Escape in the Media, by David Tobin
The Master Series, by Norman Bigelow
Misadventures: Charlie Myrick
Circus Challenge by Wolflock
Language Arts
Escape For Life by Stuart Burrell
Profile of the Month : Dean Carnegie
Escape in the Media: "Fraud" from Houdini the Musical
Journeyman by Norman Bigelow
S.A.M. Does the Right Thing by Robert
Hi-Jacked Challenge by Wolflock
Batman The Escape Artist
Flashback 2009
Profile of the Month by John Ritchie
Escape in the Media by Steve Savile
Mastering Your Fears by Norman Bigelow
Harry & Bess Together Again by Qua-Fiki
Apartment Lock-out


Vol 5. No. 45 - June 2014 Vol 5. No. 46 - July 2014 Vol 5. No. 47 - August 2014
Dr. Who Escapes
Flashback Convention 2009 by Cliff Gerstman
Profile of the Month - Andrew Basso
Escape in the Media - Zoe Keating
Janet's Warning by Janet Bigelow
Shrew's Fiddle Escape by Glendini
Things by Norman Bigelow
Wolflock's Jungle Captive - Solution by Spellbinder
Leo Irby and Bess Houdini
William Ash Dead at 96 - by Douglas Martin
Profile of the Monthn- Jack Sheppard
Escape in the Media - Garland Jeffreys
Interesting Thoughts, "It" - by Norman Bigelow
Rapunzel's Challenge
Jim Sterenko
The Fenton Lock by Allan & Rebecca Taylor
Profile of the Month: Vidocq
Escape in the Media: Christopher George
I Believe by Norman Bigelow
Andrew Basso on the Job
Rapunzel's Challenge
Women in Magic: Margarette by Wayne Kamamoto
Alan Alan R.I.P.


Vol 5. No. 48 - September 2014 Vol 5. No. 49 - October 2014 Vol 5. No. 50 - November 2014
Houdini on History Channel
10 Who Died - by Robert Grimminck
Profile of the Month - David De-Val - by Rebecca Taylor
Escape in the Media - Jay Leslie- by Tikvah Feinstein
Escaping FEMA - by Norman Bigelow
Escape Masters - The Wand Restoredr
Rick Maisel went for it!
College Dorm Psychology by Cliff Gerstman
Profile of the Month - Brian Rudo
Escape in the Media - Houdini Miniseries
From the Mind of an Escape Artist by Norman Bigelow
70 Years Old - Norman Bigelow Still Active
On The Job - Roslyn Walker
In the Trenches - Roslyn Walker
Profile of the Month: Steve Mollett
Escape in the Media : Terminally ill
Problem With Bessie by Norman Bigelow
Carnegie on Houdini
The Dean on TV by Ashley Prest
Castle Prison Escape Attempt by Stuart Burrell


Vol 5. No. 51 - December 2014 Vol 6. No. 52 - January 2015 Vol 6. No. 53 - February 2015
Weasel Raising Money!
York Cell Escape by Stuart Burrell
Profile of the Month: Steve Santini
Escape in the Media by Anthony Martin
Did Margery Speak?
Agents and Business Part 1 by Norman Bigelow
My First Escape by Rook
Like Secret Agents by Steve Mollett
Cliff Gerstman, Raising Money!
How to Start a Career in Escapology
by Bryn Young-Roberts
Profile of the Month: Thomas Soloman
Escape in the Media: Botched
Agents and Business. Part 2 by Norman Bigelow
My First Escape by Steve Mollett
Westminster Fundraising Show by Cliff Gerstman
The Grim Game Poster
The Grim Game is Back by Cliff Gerstman
Profile of the Month: Michael Turco
Escape in the Media: Extreme Escapes
College Audiences - Young Audiences, by Norman Bigelow
Castling by Cliff Gerstman


Vol 6. No. 54 - March 2015 Vol 6. No. 55 - April 2015 Vol 6. No. 56 - May 2015
Old time Pillory
Gawain’s Girdle by Professor Spellbinder
Profile of the Month: Billy Kidd
Escape in the Media - Mysteries at the Museum
The Essential Escape Artist by Norman Bigelow
You Can’t Take it With You by Mary Mowder
Rick Maisel Cleans Up
Steve Santini Goes to the Gallows : Magic Newswire
Profile of the Month : Nick Janson
Escape in the Media : The Escapist, by Michael Chabon
What if? by Norman Bigelow
Sad Discovery, by Cliff Gerstman
Qua-Fiki, Friend to You and Me, by Cliff Gerstman
Dean Gunnarson Buried Alive, by Flavin D'Sousa
Is Cristina Agulara one of us?
Dean Gunnarson on Ice by Graeme Bruce
Escape in the Media: Harry Houdini, Detective
Profile of the Month: Davenport Brothers
Getting Started by Norman Bigelow


Vol 6. No. 57 - June 2015 Vol 6. No. 58 - July 2015 Vol 6. No. 59 - August 2015
Renaissance Faire Escape Artist by Andrew Bedno
Marketing Escapology in 2015 by Steve Mollett
Profile of the Month: Jackson Rayne
Escape in the Media: Young Harry Houdini
Chain Link Handcuffs by Norman Bigelow
Bill Shirk Retires by Mark Ambrogi
Happy 4th of July from Uncle Sam
“The Illusionists” Perform For Free
Profile of the Month : Doc Weiss
Escape in the Media: Angel Killer by Andrew Mayne
Jail Breaking by Norman Bigelow
Riley’s Ripon Challenge by Rebecca Taylor
Andy Robertson—Scottish Jacobite
Underwater Pool Escape by Andy Robertson
Profile of the Month: Criss Angel
Escape in the Media by Gianna DeCarlo
Criss Angel & Spencer Horsman by Norman Bigelow
Close call with Death
Concrete Tomb Escape


Vol 6. No. 60 - September 2015 Vol 6. No. 61 - October 2015 Vol 6. No. 62 - November 2015
Rest in Peace - Norman Bigelow
Norman Bigelow has passed away by Cliff
Profile of the Month - Franz Harary
Escape in the Media by John Cox
Finger Crux by Jim Gerrish
Norman Bigelow Photo Montage
Try Something New by Cliff Gerstman
Remembering Norman - Facebook Eulogies
The Houdini Museum Adventure by Joyce Basch
Happy Halloween!
The Life of Riley
Profile of the Month: Mario Manzini
Escape in the Media: Thomas Blacke Lecture
Russell’s Thunder
The Trip by Norman Bigelow
Antony Britton Rescued by Damien Gayle
Spencer Horsman in Trouble Again! by Marcus
Stuart Burrell Takes On 4 Escapes
Grim Game on TCM
The View From the Stage by Stuart Burrell
Profile of the Month : Pinetti
Escape in the Media : Escape Artists - The Movie
3 Cheers for Roslyn Walker
Norman’s Obituary
Norman’s Last Column by Norman Bigelow
Rest in Peace Mick Hanzlik by Stuart Burrell


Vol 6. No. 63 - December 2015 Vol 7. No. 64 - January 2016 Vol 7. No. 65 - February 2016
Passing the Torch, by Cliff Gerstman
Profile of the Month: Professor Brindamour
Escape in the Media: Sherlock Holmes in America
A Fair Job
Into Leather!
Stephen Mangan Cast as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Quick Escape Handcuffs
Magic Babe Ning in Vanish Magazine
The Ice Coffin by Prof. Spellbinder
Profile of the Month: The Great Reno by Leo Renaud
Escape in the Media by Cliff Gerstman
Mis-Adventures by Cliff Gerstman
TV - Tropes by Cliff Gerstman
The Lock Picking Orangutan by K. Montagne
Vintage Blackstone
2017 EA Convention by Cliff Gerstman
Profile of the Month : Jan Rouven
Escape in the Media : Sherlock Holmes
New member for T.I.E.S. : Mord Strange
Looking for Profile of the Month EA’s


Vol 7. No. 66 - March 2016 Vol 7. No. 67 - April 2016 Vol 7. No. 68 - May 2016
Chainmail Straitjacket
Impressive Restraints by Steve Mollett
Profile of the Month: Kevin Spencer
Escape in the Media: Escapade
Coming Soon: Houdini & Doyle
Live: Escapes on Stage
The UKEA Mick Hanzlik Award - Stuart Burrell
Silence on the Lam by Steve Mollett
Profile of the Month : Mark DeFriest
Escape in the Media by Charlotte L.R. Kane
Norman’s Dream by Cliff Gerstman
Escape on Stage : Morgan - Liberated Woman
UKEA Event and Award by Paul Lynch
Break a Chain! - Stuart Burrell
Danny Hunt in Prison
Houdini’s Ace in the Hole by Steve Mollett
Profile of the Month - Johnny Strange
Escape in the Media by Dan Robinson
Houdini and Doyle (coming soon)
Michael Griffin: Still Out There Working
The Making of an Escape Artist by Carolyn Gray
Escape Artist Insurance
Blast from the Past - Genii Magazine October 1995


Vol 7. No. 69 - June2016 Vol 7. No. 70 - July 2016 Vol 7. No. 71 - August 2016
Rob Roy Collins
The British are Coming! by Cliff Gerstman
Profile of the Month: Weasel Dandaw
Escape in the Media: Houdini & Doyle
UKEA Annual Meeting by Allan Taylor
Lost a Friend - Mick Hanzlik: by Dan Robinson
Alexanderia’s got it covered!
Escape Supplies at Amazon by Profesor Spellbinder
Profile of the Month Scarlett: Princess of Magic
Escape in the Media - I Call Foul!
Handcuffs Are Key - by Pam Kragon
Alexanderia in The Linking Ring
Scary Magic - by Gina Kinslow
Dean Done Good!
Lady Houdini Tells the Truth
Can Rick Fool Them?
Escape in the Media
Qua-Fiki’s New Flex Cuff Escape - Review
by Cliff Gerstman
Goodbye to Houdini & Doyle


Vol 7. No. 72 - September 2016 Vol 7. No. 73 - October 2016 Vol 7. No. 74 - November 2016
Remember W.E.A.R?
Honor Ms. Morgan
Profile of the Month - Cliff Gerstman
Escape in the Media - Hollywood Handcuffs - by Tim Dees
Applying Technology to Escapes - by Professor Spellbinder
Begging Box
What the devil?
Safety Pick by Cliff Gerstman
Profile of the Month: The Great Omani
Escape in the Media with Alan Davies
The Magic Castle & Houdini Sťance from CNN
Begging Box
Halloween Pumpkin Inscape by Professor Spellbinder
Houdini Prototype
Houdini Among the Spirits - a John Cox Lecture
Profile of the Month - Harry Kellar
Escape in the Media by Bob Loomis
Ten Greatest Prison Escapes by Jamie Frater
Begging Box
Misadventures by Cliff Gerstman


Vol 7. No. 75 - December 2016 Vol 8. No. 76 - January 2017 Vol 8. No. 77 - February 2017
Pillsbury Dough Boy
5 Real Prison Escapes by Rich Soloman
Profile of the Month - Scott Hammell
Escape in the Media by Jacques Futrelle
David De-Val Cell Escape from Allan
& Rebecca Taylor
Recreating Houdini’s Stunt - Lee Terbosic
Lee Terbosic pulls it off! by Kate Giammarise
Begging Box
John Sparks
Tricks of the Trade by Cody Fisher
Profile of the Month Murray the Magician and Fearchara
Escape in the Media "Harry Houdini" by Kon Kan
Las Vegas Escape by Cliff Gerstman
The National Enquirer Tells the Truth
Begging Box
The Next Escape Convention?
Dixie and Ning
Escape Plan by Wolflock
Profile of the Month by Beth Emily Richards
Escape in the Media : Impractical Jokers
Got one? Need one?
Houdini-Opoly: Kickstarter Campaign
Begging Box
Convention Update
Prayers Needed for Kevin & Kristen
Gofundme Campaign for Kevin & Kristen


Vol 8. No. 78 - March 2017 Vol 8. No. 79 - April 2017 Vol 8. No. 80 - May 2017
Believe it or Not! - Dean Gunnarson
Style Clash by Stuart Burrell
Profile of the Month: Daniel Bauer
Escape in the Media: Dean Gunnarson
Daniel Bauer Death Defying Escapes by Vic Shuttee
Houdiniopoly Update
Kevin Ridgeway GOOD NEWS!
Update by Kevin Ridgeway
Begging Box
Misadventures by Cliff Gerstman
Could you get out?
Peterhead Prison Museum Escape - Andy Robertson
On the Road with Weasel Dandaw
UKEA Report by Allan Taylor
Shedini: Rest in Peace
Criss Angel rushed to Hospital by Heidi Parker
Begging Box
What happened to Criss? by Cliff Gerstman
Coming Back! Kevin Ridgeway
Bungling Escape Artist Nearly Drowns- by George Vlotis
Profile of the Month - Herbert L. Becker
Escape in the Media - by Herbert L. Becker
The Old Western Handcuff - by Steve Mollett
Houdini-Opoly - by Dick & Dorothy Dietrich
Houdini Museum - by George Gonzalez
Begging Box - by Cliff Gerstman


Vol 8. No. 81 - June 2017 Vol 8. No. 82 - July 2017 Vol 8. No. 83 - August 2017
Tony Chapparo’s Belt
Scottish Escapology Exhibit from Andy
Profile of the Month -Dr. Judas Lynch and
Ms. Magnolia Strange
Tricks of the Trade -Tony Chapparo's Straitbelt
Wiz Kid Escape Lesson by Jim Gerrish
Rookie Mistakes by Cliff Gerstman
Begging Box
Norman Bigelow’s Legacy by Cliff Gerstman
Dixie Dooley Swims with Sharks!
Eastern Idaho State Fair
Lady Houdini Coming Back
Underwater Shark Tank Escape
by Adam Herbets
Creating a Comedy Escape by Louie Foxx
Ball and Chain
Occult Escapology by S. Rob
Begging Box
Houdini-opoly Update from Houdini Museum
Stuart’s World Record
Kenneth Silverman R.I.P.
John Cox at Houdini’s House
Profile of the Month - Karl Achilles
Houdiniopoly Shipping Soon
Begging Box
Carissa Hendrix Escape Artist
Back to the Ball and Chain: Letter
from Michael Griffin


Vol 8. No. 84 - September 2017 Vol 8. No. 85 - October 2017 Vol 8. No. 86 - November 2017
Lady Houdini Works Wonders!
The Triumphant Return of Kevin Ridgeway
12 Times to the Max by Stuart Burrell
Escape Challenge from S. Rob
Dean Gunnarson in China
E-book Report by S. Rob
Great Escape in Prestatyn by Suzanne Kendrick
Chain Game by Cliff Gerstman
Handcuff Key Bracelet
Begging Box
Steve Baker R.I.P.
Antony Britton Suffers Burns
School of Hard Knocks by Stuart Burrell
Profile of the Month: Malcolm Norton
Dean Carnegie’s tribute to Steve Baker
Occult Escapology
Steve Baker Photo Montage
Begging Box
I Remember Steve by Cliff Gerstman
We Remember Steve by Various EA's
Vanish Magazine, Ms. Morgan
Gerald’s Game - The Movie by Ryan Roschke
Dan Harlan's Escape DVD Review by David Goodsell
Setting World Records
Occult Escapology Thumb Tie by S. Rob
Begging Box
Busking Fun


Vol 8. No. 87 - December 2017 Vol 9. No. 88 - January 2018 Vol 9. No. 89 - February 2018
Prison Break Idea?
Peterhead Prison Escape by Stuart Burrell
Voodoo Escapology by S. Rob
Alcatraz Handcuffs by Cliff Gerstman
2,000 Water Torture Cell Escapes
by Kristen Johnson
Houdiniopoly Update from Houdini Museum
wikiHow to Escape from a Straitjacket
The Escape Artist Show (Revisited)
Begging Box
Ilea wins! by Michael Mezmer
How Houdini Did His Deeds by Stephen Marr
Michael Griffin Challenge
Can you be beaten? by Cliff Gerstman
Begging Box
Dan Harlan on Tarbell
Viva Las Vegas!
Kevin & Kristen—Back in Florida
by Leslie Gray Streeter
Roman Occult Escapology by S. Rob
Dan Harlan’s Tarbell Thumb Tie
Begging box
Ron Shelton to Direct “Escape Artist”
by Elbert Wyche


Vol 9. No. 90 - March 2018 Vol 9. No. 91 - April 2018 Vol 9. No. 92 - May 2018
Goodbye John Bushey
Miles Poppe Fails Escape
by Adam Bloodworth
Spirit Ties & Vest Turning (Tarbell 80)
Dan Harlan
Matt Kalita Under the Big Top
by Sharon Dettmer
Loporcaro Handcuffs
by Cliff Gerstman
100 Foot Rope Escape (Wet)
by Jim Saylor
Begging Box
Better Safe Than Dead
by Julie Sobanski & Dean Montelbano
Houdiniopoly Project Update # 51
by Dorothy Dietrich & Dick Brookz
David De-Val Straitjacket
UKEA 2018 Report by Cliff Gerstman
De-Val Straitjacket Website Ad by Propdog
Wolflock Gets Married!
Necromantic Occult Escapology from S. Rob
Stranger than Fiction by Cliff Gerstman
Hogwarts Locksmith
Professional Foul Play by Stuart Burrell
On The Job by Thomas Kaye
Podcast Escape
A Question from William


Vol 9. No. 93 - June 2018 Vol 9. No. 94 - July 2018 Vol 9. No. 95 - August 2018
Escape Artist Invasion
Escape Artist on Podcast
by Cliff Gerstman
Book Review by P. Spellbinder of
"The Escape Artist" by Brad Meltzer
Occult Escapology and Super Villainy
by S. Rob
Exhibit: Terror On The Magical Isle
Non-Convention Is Coming
by Cliff Gerstman
Houdini Opoly Has Arrived
by Cliff Gerstman
Contents: by Cliff Gerstman
Dean Gunnarson T-Shirts!
Penetration Handcuffs
Why I love Penn and Teller
Run an Escape Artist Convention
Kinds of Handcuffs
A Key By Any Other Name
The Art of Escaping Inspires
Escape in the Media
Interview with Erin Callahan
World Championship of Escape Artists
Erin Callahan Book Signing
John Cox in New York
Houdini’s Last Escape by Brian Moore
Houdini Museum Adventure by Joyce Basch
S. Rob on the Job

These are just SOME of the Chainletters available on the T.I.E.S. site.

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