Downpour Derby

by Professor Spellbinder

“Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and children of all ages! Hit the target and soak the clown! Hey, that’s me! But that’s OK, it’s time for my yearly bath! Who wants to be first? Stand right there and get ready to toss these beanbags at the target.”

So saying, the clown/magician/carnival guy/gal shows everyone how it works. When the target is hit, it knocks over a bucket which will be right over the clown’s head. On the practice run, the bucket is empty, but now the clown loads it up with a pitcher of ice water.

The clown takes his place under the bucket, the spectator throws and almost any one can hit the target given three chances, but it’s under the clown’s control, so spectators can hit the target as much as they want and nothing happens until the clown is ready. After he has toyed with the spectator long enough, the clown trips the secret catch which releases the bucket so that the next time the target is hit, the bucket will really tip over, giving the spectators a real surprise.

The diagrams and photos will make everything clear so you can build this stage-size fun-prop yourself. It bolts together for taking apart and traveling, but makes a nice big eye-catching display.

At first glance, this seems like it is too messy and wet to bring into a children’s party, but I give you a wet outdoor-only version, as well as the dry version, suitable for indoors and use on any stage. Make it as messy or as squeaky clean as your situation permits.



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